Praise for Wisha Wozzariter

This is a clever little story, which will appeal to children who already write quite well and would like to write even better. Those who need a little Inspiration might find it here. Entertaining and full of witty dialogue. Never a dull sentence.

Ruskin Bond

Padma Bhushan; India's most beloved children's author

Wisha has exactly what a writer needs. Plenty of heart and nerves of steel!

Michael Hoeye

The genius of author Payal Kapadia and her pocket-sized creative writing storybook, Wisha Wozzariter, is the manner in which she has transformed such a drab subject into a wonderful, colourful, absorbing book.

Samina Mishra, Deepak Dalal & Jaya Bhattacharji Rose

Jury, Crossword Book Awards, 2013