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Horrid High at The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

The Horrid High Survivor Challenge: Payal Kapadia’s sequel to her immensely popular book Horrid High is Horrid High: Back to School . Moving beyond the regular sit-down reading session, Kapadia has crafted a series of 11 horrid hurdles for 8–12 teams. She promises oodles of sweaty fun at the very least. 11am-1pm, 14 February. Ages 9+

Hippocampus Library interviews Payal Kapadia: ““There’s a little part of us that remains a child forever.”

What inspires you to write for children?
The wonderful stories my two daughters, twelve and eight, bring home each day. My own vivid memories of being a child. And the niggling knowledge that somewhere inside us, there’s a little part of us that remains a child forever.
Name three contemporary authors who you feel children should be exposed to
I’ll give you three, though I could probably name a hundred. Eva Ibbotson, Roald Dahl, Paro Anand. reviews Horrid High: Back to School: “My favourite children’s books of 2015”

Horrid High: Back to School by Payal Kapadia returns with another adventure. Horrid High is no longer the horrid school that it once was – Granny Grit is now principal and has a new fleet of teachers.

But when Granny Grit has to rush to the Amazon, 12-year-old Ferg and his friends are left to figure out the mysterious Grand Plan, dodge Cook Fracas’s food fights and attend classes with some weird teachers. A spirited read.