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21 Top Indian Authors to Follow on Twitter

Payal Kapadia is an award-winning author of children’s books. Born in Mumbai, Payal’s works include titles such as Wisha Wozzariter and Horrid High. Over on Twitter, Payal posts about her books, shares interesting and inspiring quotes, retweets about books for children and posts links to her interviews.

The Good Book Corner interviews Payal Kapadia

Payal Kapadia’s Wisha Wozzariter won the Crossword Award for Children’s Writing in 2013. It is also on the 101 Indian Children’s Books We Love! list. We loved Horrid High and this December the next in the series Horrid High: Back to School is scheduled for release. We caught up with Payal for a quick chat!

What the Far Out reviews Horrid High

My opinion on Indian authors took a complete 360 after I read “Horrid High” by Payal Kapadia. The fictional and extremely humorous story revolved around an unwanted child (Ferg Gottin), sent away to a boarding school, and all the interesting characters he meets along...

PlusMinusN’More reviews Horrid High

Horrid High by Payal Kapadia is about young Ferg Gottin, who has mean and uncaring parents. Ferg and his best friend, Ace, go to Sunnyvale School. Ferg’s parents, who want to get rid of him, decide to send him to a place where they can abandon him forever. They send him to “Happy High” which turns out to be Horrid High.

The Swaddle reviews Horrid High

Horrid High is an utterly delightful book about a boarding school for orphaned and unwanted children. Kapadia set out to write a book full of all things dreadful and horrid, and in the process created a beautiful children’s story about friendship and courage borne out of dreadful, shared experience. Ferg and his friends are at Horrid High because they’re unwanted, but rather than let that break them, they each use their strengths to survive alone and thrive together. There appears to be a sequel in the works, and I, for one, can’t wait to read it.

PlusMinus’n’More reviews Wisha Wozzariter

Wisha Wozzariter by Payal Kapadia is two books in one. The first is the story of Wisha Wozzariter (Wish-I-was-a-writer), a ten-year old girl who wishes to become a writer. She hates good books more than a bad book because they make her sigh and feel that she could...