Untold Tales from The Jungle Book: Colonel Hathi Loses His Brigade

Colonel Hathi is the leader of the Dawn Patrol. He marches his elephant troops through the jungle from first light until darkness. So why are are ten elephants playing hide ‘n’ seek from him in a shrinking jungle?

The first time Mowgli, the Man-cub, met the Colonel, he was awoken by the Colonel’s marching song. The earth shook, trees trembled and the Colonel’s troops prayed that he would stop marching. For Mowgli, though, marching was fun, and he walked on all fours behind the parade, trying to keep up. That’s how he met Junior, Colonel’s son, the littlest elephant, marching at the end of the line. Junior wanted nothing more than to be like his father. In him, Mowgli found a new friend.

But now, things are changing. Junior is growing up and the Colonel is growing old. Will both of them be ready for the biggest battle of their lives? And will Mowgli prove that he is a true friend?

Inspired by a timeless classic, this is a new story about everyone’s favourite characters from ‘The Jungle Book.’


Paperback: 94 pages
Publisher:The Walt Disney Company India (February 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-9380594408

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